Pick out a large t-shirt (preferably in black or dark blue) and turn it inside out. Turn the mask inside out if you do not want your stitching to show. Sew the sides together once you have cut the mask out of the t-shirt. Cut the paper silhouette out and place it on the t-shirt. And he’ll hang out with your tiny ninja each night when they fall asleep. Finally, spread the rest of the t-shirt over your shoulders to complete your ninja look. You can put a black hoodie on so you can have a hood over part of your mask.

Make sure you do not sew the straight bottom part of the mask as that is where your neck will come out of. Can I make a ninja headband out of a shirt without cutting the shirt? And you will find a full selection of Ninja costumes at Oriental Trading. But it was really when he came on board and Peter and Kevin signed off, and we were all aligned with the look of the costumes that it really became alive. It is not required, but the outfit as a whole will look more authentic with the guards. Rain’s UMK3 outfit in particular is unlockable by completing the final mission in the Bonus Challenge Tower. Difficulty: Medium Method: The only way to fail this challenge is by dying, and if you’ve been honing your combat skills, that shouldn’t be a problem.

What’s the proper way to breathe through the fabric? Using a pencil or fabric pen, trace the silhouette onto the t-shirt. Get a friend to trace your head silhouette. To make a ninja mask, start by turning a black or dark-colored t-shirt inside out and slipping it over your head so that the shirt’s neckline rests above your eyebrows and on the bridge of your nose. Jump over the stationary ones and jump or dash to avoid the moving ones. Once you get it around your upper torso (bottom half of your ribcage down to about your belly button), the front will look like a very wide belt. To learn how to use a paper silhouette to make a ninja mask, scroll down! A katana goes flying past the wench, cutting the wire and sending Shredder falling back down in one clean cut.

Cut the t-shirt around the silhouette. You should place the silhouette against a sewn side of the t-shirt (like under the armpit of one of the shirt arms). The strong opening by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles allowed summer to be extended one more weekend. If so, the ninja costume may be the perfect Halloween costume for you. So naturally, when Swoodson Says asked if I’d be part of their Halloween Hack Tour I said YES! Yes, you can. The most damaging part is probably tying the sleeves together. Can I make a ninja mask out of a kind of thick blanket? Yes. The article shows you how to make a mask out of a shirt. If you don’t have a black shirt you can use a navy blue shirt.

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