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After some slaps and insults, Krang explains to Shredder that he brought him to his dimension because Stockman’s teleportation device is actually his, part of a greater device called the Arc Capacitor. … A pair of bumbling idiots pigging out (pun not intended on Beebop’s part) on buckets of spaghetti and meatballs. A pair of… two-seat go-karts (?) join the fray, swarming alongside the bikes as Casey checks the gate keeping the prisoners from grabbing them. A pair of Foot goons then jump on the sides of the truck and climb to the top, and Casey calls for the nearby shotgun. The convoy then rolls out, unaware of the insanity that’s about to befall them.

It lowers down a magnet wench to lift the convoy truck up in the air, with Casey and the driver still inside. He takes a look at the surveillance footage the Foot are hacking into, keeping tabs on his boss’s whereabouts as the convoy moves along its determined path. Donnie gives her a hacking device, and the others offer to go with her for support, but she notes that it’s almost dawn, and that they’ll be seen. Raph wonders if such technology even exists, to which Donnie notes that Stockman’s been working on it for years. The truck survives the resulting explosion, but Raph is getting antsy. The transport truck nearly crashes into the wrecked cars as Casey calls for back-up.

Panicked, he tells the driver to speed things up as the bikers plant bombs on the surrounding cars. Donatello is the brains of the group and loves to invent things and study anything scientific. Krang’s voiced by Brad Garret, who you’ll recognize as jealous brother Robert Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond and clueless husband Eddie Stark in ’Til Death. A living and breathing, human-sized, talking turtle who knows martial arts and loves pizza. Get some gnarly pizza in this great costume featuring your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Raphael! It doesn’t matter if you’re loyal to Marvel or DC Comics, we have the perfect superhero costume for your dog.

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We have items such as weapons, masks, bags and more. I wanted this mask to be able to be either a mask or more of a headband because I personally don’t plan on wearing mine as a mask on Halloween. If the eye holes are too small, take the mask off and make them bigger. Donnie tells Leo to hit one of the buttons, which fires off a round of flying manhole covers to take out the climbers. I mean, they must not, because Shredder — who is decidedly anti-music — is the only one who raps in the whole show. Again, what did they do that’s on the same level as the guy who terrorized the city in the last film?

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