NECA’s history with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stretches all the way back to 2008. That year, the company released figures inspired by Peter Laird’s and Kevin Eastman’s iconic Mirage comic. One would think that with this show’s rising popularity that you would be able to find these costumes everywhere, but the Lego company has yet to release any official Ninjago costumes.scary clown costumes for women For more information on our do-it-yourself project, read further for a list of the necessary supplies and step-by-step instructions to make your own Ninjago Jay costume. The easy arts and crafts instructions for making these gross eyeballs can be found below. He’ll love making an appearance at a costume party, go trick-or-treating with his clan members, and more in this unforgettable outfit!

With a little research and all of his Spinjitzu expertise, my son and I were able to create an outfit that he could wear on Halloween night and for dress-up play after. My son showing off the finished hood. Our finished hood for our Ninjago Jay costume. Next, I searched the Internet and went through my son’s Ninjago collector cards to find the design I wanted to create on the top. I cut up one of my old royal blue t-shirts and tried several different ways to wrap the fabric around my son’s head, but it just didn’t look like one of the Ninjago characters. If the mask is too wide, untie the mask, and cut it narrower.

Measure across and down the person’s face, then draw a mask shape based on those measurements. There is plenty left over to make a mask if you need to! Complete your child’s dream warrior look and make them look like the fiercest and strongest ninja on your Halloween Costume party! Join the fight in the sewers or in the dark streets of New York city this Halloween when you wear Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costumes! Light wear and cracking from use, with a few chips to top of insignia, witch costume and glue showing at top of cape where it attaches to cowl. You can wear white in snowy weather so it blends in. …go ahead you can tease me. It finally hit me that I needed to wrap the fabric around a helmet to give the hood a little more shape.

The supplies to create Jay’s hood. What is Jay’s greatest strength? What is Jay’s elemental color? What is Jay’s weapon of choice? If your kids are more the furry variety, dog Halloween costumes are a must! Unleash your inner princess with women’s Halloween costumes from popular Disney movies such as Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Frozen, Tangled, Alice in Wonderland and so many more. Skilled, dedicated, stealthy, and a force to be reckoned with, that pretty much sums up this boy’s ninja Halloween costume perfectly. Spooktacular Creations Boys Ninja Costume for Kids Deluxe Costume Set with Ninja Daggers and Stars.


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