Need a storybook character or career day costume? Instead with just a few clicks, we can deliver everything you need! A few years ago, the inflatable T-Rex took over Halloween and the inflatable Halloween trend still continues. “With the VHS box, we specifically took that box and I emulated exactly what was on the back of the case,” Mazurek said. Don’t worry — we’ve got your back! Of course, if your child wants a more traditional costume, such as a witch, a cat, a princess, a rock star, a police officer, a dinosaur, a skeleton or any other option, we’ve got what they’ll love.

But Raph’s more concerned with how Leo told Donnie to keep it from them and, being Raph, storms off to confront him about it while Mikey rambles about his Christmas album again. Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo grumbled for form while standing up and leaving the dojo. The four are aided by television news reporter, April O’Neil (Judith Hoag), and a tough-talking vigilante, Casey Jones (Elias Koteas), who likes to take on hoods while wielding hockey sticks, bats, golf clubs and the like. …Until Casey shows up in his vigilante get-up, boys costumes evening the odds by knocking the Foot out with hockey pucks. 2. Cut out the paper pattern and tape together where indicated.

Basically, I cut two U shapes, and sewed the curves together. From popular character costumes from Star Wars, Pokemon, Minecraft, Harry Potter, Disney movies and more, the selection is endless for both boys and girls. The film’s plot involves the foursome’s battle against a mysterious crime ring called The Foot, organized by a samurai-costumed Japanese warrior called The Shredder (James Saito), culled from teenage boys alienated from their parents. Releasing the alternate version of Raphael at quarter-scale gave NECA much-needed time to invest in the Foot Clan and Shredder figures, and will do likewise when released at the one-twelfth scale.

Enjoy this last bit of freedom where you get to choose their Halloween costume because that will change as they get older! However, a long-winded plot, broad characterizations and barely adequate fight scenes will prevent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from generating any breakthrough business. You dress them as Ninja Turtles as well. Their reward for a job well done was always lots and lots of pizza. 5. Demolitioned Arsenal There’s a pizza in one of the boxes on the left side of the room. “Teenage mutant ninja turtles are an acquired taste, like pizza with bananas and sausage. What are the advantages of buying a teenage mutant ninja turtles 2014 costumes? Last year’s Wonder Woman trend is expected to still be strong, but other superheroes like Batgirl, Catwoman, Supergirl, Black Widow and even Elasti-Girl from the Incredibles are expected to be popular this year. Just like the ladies, the trendiest men’s Halloween costumes are superhero themed!

P.S.: The Kanji Japanese writings on the logo are probably not accurate. The turtle costumes are designed by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, and though only vaguely described, are apparently combinations of costumes and computer-driven animatronic heads. These scary costumes are also perfect for haunted house actors. The turtles are four abandoned house pets, who, after being exposed to radiation, have grown to human size and developed the personalities and appetites of teenagers. Consider a Bane or Joker costume from Batman, Ultron from the Avengers, Loki from Thor or Shredder from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. With so many different options and ways to mix and match, it’s possible to pull together a costume that’s all you.


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