Play Good Ninja/Bad Ninja – Pairs great with Black Ninja Uniform! Great as a gift. To get the same effect, use black ribbon to tie the pants off just above the ankles. Tie a short piece of black ribbon over the pants at each ankle. You can carry up to 99 of each different kind of shuriken in Challenge Mode, and the ones that you don’t use carry over into the next round. When he turns to follow you, throw a shuriken at him or use hit-and-run tactics. It’s wiser to throw shuriken at him from medium range, then dash up and combo him while he’s staggering.

Unless you know that you’re going to find a pizza after the battle or are very confident in your ability to pull off hit-and-run attacks, throw a few shuriken at him before moving in to melee with him. Once you complete this area with the fourth turtle, Shredder will flee and you will follow him to the last area for the final battle. They live secretly in the storm sewers of New York City and battle against evil doers, alien invaders and petty criminals. Evil Turtlebot – Defeat him in Stage 3, Area 6 with any character. Casey Jones – Defeat him in Stage 1, Area 2 of Raphael’s Story Mode.

DRLDS – Increased attack power for Donatello Obtained by: Clearing Special Stage – Ordeal with Donatello in under 30 seconds without being damaged? Stand on the remains of the specimen tank to avoid the spiral swoop, and jump over him to avoid being hit by the slow swoop. Try to dash behind him so that you can hit him while he’s swinging at empty air. His air attack leaves him wide open, so seize the opportunities to wail on him until he goes down for the count. He’s very fast and very powerful, has superior defense, and makes liberal use of stun attacks and air combos.

Once the cockpit shatters completely, Stockman becomes vulnerable to regular attacks. Dr. Stockman – Explosive shuriken will damage him even if the cockpit is intact and he’s covering it. If you collect a lot of shuriken early on, save them for future opponents. Now I don’t feel like we need to paint faces or anything. At the client’s request, the snout was repainted and blended to the paint style on the rest of the head. Q: What does the head look like on its own? It gives the game an appropriately cartoony feel, bunny costume and the shading is so well-done that it doesn’t look 2-D. Q: What’s the highest combo you’ve ever gotten?

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