Donnie then gets another call from April, who tells him that she’s successfully copied the files from Stockman. Donnie then gets a call from April, who’s at Grand Central Station in a blonde wig looking up a new lead on the Foot’s recent dealings: Baxter Stockman, a scientist at TCRI who she believes is working for Shredder. The Turtles’ faces in this movie are softened somewhat from last time, looking a bit less textured and more cartoon-like. I mean, they still look like Shrek, but things are a bit easier on the eyes. This feels like a bit of a downgrade though.

Dna recombinant technology

I’m afraid not. Let’s take a trip back to 2016, the year almost everyone wishes they could delete from the timeline, to see just what went wrong with what looked like a slam-dunk on paper. April assures Donnie that she can handle this on her own, and she plans on using the high-tech Turtle I-Watch to hack into Stockman’s emails to see just what the not-so-good doctor is up to. The movie begins with about a whole minute’s worth of logos before we finally see the Turtles perched on a very tall building in the middle of New York at night. Command the Shellraiser’s weapons systems this Halloween wearing this Boy’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael Costume.

Raph points out that if Mikey did go down there, people would panic and run for their lives, what with that whole “giant mutant turtles that look like roided-up versions of the Goombas from the Super Mario Bros. The boys groan, but Leo points out that they couldn’t take credit for defeating Shredder, and Vern’s just sticking to the deal they made. Up above, the boys take the hint to leave. Exposed to the elements, stored improperly, or made of materials that easily erode, costumes and props can take a beating. He finds himself mesmerized by the festivities, and tells Raph that he’s always wanted to take part in it as it’s the one night a year where they fit in. Leo tells him that they’ll never fit in, and as ninjas their home is in the shadows. D. Stage 3 – Trap 1. Museum Entrance Enemies: Thugs, Foot Ninjas There are lots of goons here, but not much else.

To maximize your accuracy, trap them against the sides or edges of the trailer. Nunchucks are one of the most popular martial arts weapons. They are trained by Master Splinter who acts as a mentor and father to the turtles. Q: What else did the turtles do? D. Obstacles Falling objects – Rocks, girders, and stalactites have a nasty tendency to fall on the heads of unsuspecting turtles. But Mikey’s bound and determined, and once everyone else heads off he sneaks up to the surface to join the parade. But while Raph is berating Mikey for ruining their game-watching spot, the latter catches a glance at a Halloween parade going on in the streets above.


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