So awesome to hear this one is coming in handy. What a very creative costume and I am sure your hub will make the hit list on popularity this coming season. Makes me happy that this hub is coming in handy to other parents out there with lil Ninjago halloween costumes Since Lego hasn’t released any kind of official costume line, I hope this hub will help all the parents out there whose kids want to dress up as these popular Ninjago characters. I then found this and was in awe of the costume you created and was excited that I could help create one for him myself.

My son wants to dress up as one of the characters from Ninjago and I had no idea what I was going to do. My son luvs ninjago and asked to be Jay for Halloween this year. My 3 year old son is now obsessed with Ninjago and all of the Halloween costumes are both crazy expensive and too big to fit a 3 year old. Five Year Old Ninja shirt! My boys love to watch the old TMNT cartoons that we have on DVD, so these costumes reflect those turtles, not the new version on television now. This is the fourth time that the Ninja Turtles have guest starred in a DC Comics product, the first three being separate crossover comic book miniseries with Batman.

Now if only he would quit changing his mind between being Lloyd, batman costume kids Jay and Kai! Now you’ve got yourself the cutest little Ninja Turtle on the block! This image has a small ninja warrior holding a sword with both hands. Have a cat lover on your hands? I have been looking for a red ninjango easter basket with no livk. Red & Black Buccaneer Dress-Up Set – Toddler & Kids. Black & White Plush Cow Ride-On Dress-Up Outfit – Kids. 9. Draw a thin black line extending out from each corner of your child’s mouth. 6. Next, draw a small line extending out from the corner of the mouth, and add a little hash-mark to end it.

Hi Laura – so happy to hear you have found these instructions helpful to create this costume! I am not the world’s best seamstress either but I can draw and paint when I have a picture handy to go by. He can never keep anything nice, can he? They can be pretty cheap. I am serious when I tell you that you can create anything with felt and a hot glue gun! Pretending to be a pizza boy, Jughead distracts them and is promptly had a gun waved at him. The four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles spend their time (when not laying low and eating lots of pizza) fighting an assortment of bad guys, including criminals, aliens and assorted nutcases. Then Casey sees Splinter cooking dinner and thinks the Turtles have a giant rat infestation, made worse by the Turtles teasing him. Casey doesn’t take this well, and decides to head off on his own to find Beebop and Rocksteady with April trying to convince him to stay.


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