If the throwing stars aren’t enough, mens costumes you can add in this weapon set that comes with shoulder straps to be worn like a backpack. 2. Create the straps. Your child will love coloring this page. The matching VELCRO Brand strip will go on your Ninja Turtles belly so that the belt won’t droop while on. Otherwise, this red-trimmed outfit includes the jumpsuit, belt with the foam throwing stars attached, and the hood and face mask combination. It comes with the pants, the shirt with hood, the mask, and a belt. If you want to become the Green ninja yourself, check out our Ninjago Lloyd boys costume, with tunic, pants, mask, and gloves.

Autumn Leaves All the stealth black is fine, but if you want something a little brasher and more fun for Halloween, grab this kids gold ninja costume. Its origin is in a small black and white comic that was published in 1984 by Mirage Studios. This one is also available in black. A look at one of the greatest literary works mankind has ever achieved. Adjust the hood until it has the desired look. This is a very complete costume and includes the dress with hood and front drape, chest wrap, belt, mask, gauntlets, leggings, and printed boot covers. This includes a few things other options don’t, combining the hooded tunic with gloves, arm and leg ties, and the mask. The outfit includes the jumpsuit, waist sash, arm warmer gloves, and mask. A great Ninja dress-up outfit to execute your ninja moves!

The ninja get up we all envision now comes from movies, but just because there never really was any such thing as a ninja outfit doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun to don a Hollywood-invented costume and pretend. If red doesn’t cut it for you, replace the red detailing with the gold found on this option. The boots pictured are sold separately and can be found here. They can play in them all day long – they’ll love dressing up in these animal all-in-ones. It’s not the most common of animal onesies, so if you dress your child in a turtle onesie you can be pretty certain that they’ll stand out in the crowd. A turtle onesie will bring a smile to anybody’s face as a present because they are instantly adorable and you’ll know that they’ll get good use out of them.

If you don’t think your wife will appreciate the full-on turtle kigurumi costume, why not think about some simple turtle pyjamas to keep her warm? Q: What do you think of the cel shading in the game? Your child can take the turtles straight out of the sewer system of New York City and bring them to life for a few exciting Ninja adventures of his own! Some newly released concept art of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is what the modern-day live-action take on the iconic comic book characters should have been. The one you and your wife spent months on to get ready for Comic Con.

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