The chopper then lowers a harness, which the Shredder uses to lift himself up to freedom just as Casey heads back to stop him. Dejected, Casey climbs back in his car and spots the police files on Beebop and Rocksteady on the passenger seat. Just then, Casey spots someone on a motorcycle in his rear-view, which then turns out to be a whole bunch of people on motorcycles. Someone posted this ingenious costume to Reddit, and now we need to figure out how to get our dogs to look like this next Monday, too. He decides to “take out the trash,” opening the back door and launching himself at the baddies for a slow-motion double-clothesline.

Digital Trasformation nell'Healthcare: scopri il Corso Ninja Academy

Stockman decides to teleport Shredder earlier than he planned using the device that was delivered to him before (what, did he find it on Craig’s List? First the ninja bodyguards and now this), despite thinking that it would be dangerous. Casey doesn’t take this well, and decides to head off on his own to find Beebop and Rocksteady with April trying to convince him to stay. A pair of… two-seat go-karts (?) join the fray, black spiderman costume swarming alongside the bikes as Casey checks the gate keeping the prisoners from grabbing them. The warlord’s right behind them with a pair of Foot Ninjas (and they’re actually ninjas this time.

In the back, Beebop and Rocksteady try to cozy themselves up to Shredder, saying that they’re “big fans of his work” and how Rocksteady is from Finland. That’s… really dumb. So, you’re telling me that you’re transporting a high-profile terrorist leader with a large number of devoted followers crazy enough to try a stunt like this, and you don’t even bother loading the gun? At the Foot HQ, Stockman orders the Foot Soldiers to eliminate the Turtles, and the bikers try using their bombs. To that end, Krang gives Shredder a vial of purple mutagen, then sends him off back to Earth as he orders his robot to punch him back inside. Bright purple Mohawks and matching wraparounds are literally the opposite of that.

His back is his most vulnerable spot, but his lashing tail protects it when his arms are raised. Meanwhile, the Turtles are hanging out in the lair, listening to rap music, playing with a drone and working out. All turtles look alike to me.funny mens costumes After looking at pictures online (especially this site), I saw some Ninja costumes that didn’t look too hard to make so I thought I’d give it a shot. A look at one of the greatest literary works mankind has ever achieved. This one obviously went through quite the process. Krang launched the Arc Capacitor to Earth in hopes that one day, he could use it to bring his ship, the Technodrome, into Earth’s dimension and conquer it (apparently it needs to be on the other side to work). Krang hopes that the Foot could secure the other two, one currently on display in a museum in New York and the other hidden in the Brazilian Rainforest, so that he can carry out his evil plan.


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