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I also love the fact that the shell is part of the shirt. The shirt is one of my favorite parts because it can EASILY be worn after Halloween without it looking like a costume. It all starts with the costume though, which is 91% Polyester, 9% Spandex and like all outfits worn by the ninjas of ancient China has a velcro hood. So when I asked him what he would like to be for Halloween, it came as no surprise when he said that he wanted to dress up as the blue ninja named Jay. If your kids want to look like the real thing, this is definitely the costume for them.

The ninja costume must also be a durable costume. Ninja top, trousers, face scarf, waist sash, arm and leg ties. Waist sash, face scarf and arm and leg ties all have self-tie fastening. Once you have this outfit you can start your ninja training immediately – you’ll have to as it can take up to 100 years to get really good. If you want to become the Green ninja yourself, check out our Ninjago Lloyd boys costume, with tunic, pants, mask, and gloves. Our Kai boys costume comes complete with minifigure tunic, pants, mask, and pair of lego hands. I love creating trick or treat bags to go along with the costume.

But if he want’s to simply hide his identity without caring who sees him coming, this will do the trick. Who doesn’t want to dress up as everyone’s favourite Ninjago character? Don’t forget to grab your accessories, as they are very important to complete your cartoon character dress up! Ninja’s were known to also dress in appropriate disguises and infiltrate enemy camps in order to obtain information or to commit assassinations. Order it within 3hrs and 48mins and choose Express – Delivery at checkout. The skirt has a ruffle skirt, an attached purple sash and of course, a turtle shell pattern on the front. 4. You can either glue or tape the pattern pieces together.

The brown and purple Mutants can maul and throw you, and the purple ones also have a rolling attack. Ninja’s have always been known for committing very unorthodox acts of war. The creative team hadn’t really changed at all since “City At War”; Jim Lawson was still drawing and writing it (Eastman and Laird were apparently overseeing he storyline closely, but didn’t get writing credits). He leads the team with his strong sense of justice and intrinsic bravery, and, of course, his trusty sword. Of course, unlike every other frozen caveman ever found, this one is perfectly in tact, encased in a giant ice cube.

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