Cut a long strip out of the fabric. From the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie sequel Out of The Shadows comes this great new deluxe costume for your child to use to dress up as Raphael! While movie memorabilia can sell for big money, it’s an unfortunate reality that a sizable portion of it won’t survive the test of time. Have an original tv or movie prop in need of restoration or display? Restoration of original foam latex costumes is a painstaking process and the conservation of this suit took several months.oktoberfest couples costumes X Research source You can also drape the foam across your face, make marks where your eyes are, then draw the eyes out.

As with all of our conservation work, our approach to this project emphasized maintaining the integrity of the original foam costume, preserving the original “feel”and not making it look like a replica. How about making a simple superhero costume with your kids? The belt and the bands are incredibly simple to make. I used the same gray cardstock as the belt buckle. Applying the vinyl is done the exact same way as the front part is. This had to be done for my son to be able to get in and out of the costume.The shoulder straps were done the same way. One shoulder strap uses Velcro, just like the side pieces.

One side at a time, using my son for reference for proper placement. 8. Using thread, stitch your shell design onto your shell. You can also make a mask using a template online. If the eye holes are too small, take the mask off and make them bigger. Figure out the eye placement. The first one took a while to figure out, but the 2nd one probably took less than an hour. I was a little worried at first since I’m not particularly creative but I actually enjoyed it once I got started. I just keep thinking that having four little girls all dress up as the Ninja Turtles together would seriously be the cutest!

These weren’t just any old turtles, however, as these four had special martial arts training and skills. A living and breathing, human-sized, talking turtle who knows martial arts and loves pizza. Green face paint is a great choice for those who are dedicated to their outfit; check the safety rating for younger kids who might smear paint from their face into their mouths. “You can buy this rotting, screen-used TMNT III Leonardo suit if you want,” writes Twitter user Jayme K, baby ninja costume who unearthed the atrocity on a prop auction website. The benefit of puppet turtles is that, unlike CGI, they can tour. Your child can take the turtles straight out of the sewer system of New York City and bring them to life for a few exciting Ninja adventures of his own!

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