Use white felt to cut out the first initial of your child’s name. If red doesn’t cut it for you, replace the red detailing with the gold found on this option. All the stealth black is fine, but if you want something a little brasher and more fun for Halloween, grab this kids gold ninja costume. If you were hoping for something a little more revealing, this option from Ruble’s is along the same lines, while a matching men’s costume is here. No matter which color you end up with, just know that you’re all winners when it comes to this group Halloween costume idea!

The ninja get up we all envision now comes from movies, but just because there never really was any such thing as a ninja outfit doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun to don a Hollywood-invented costume and pretend. That rather absurd, video-game-style weapon is the California Costumes Ninja Assassin Blades and is sold separately. The only thing you’ll need to complete this is actual footwear over which to put the covers and to choose a weapon — either a sword or sais. If the throwing stars aren’t enough, you can add in this weapon set that comes with shoulder straps to be worn like a backpack.

Our first option is for the two and under set. Speaking of older kids, this first option matches the one for infants, if you’re looking to coordinate. If you’re wearing a turtle onesie at a stag or hen party then you are going to stand out because these are one of the less common animal onesies. Great for sleepovers, fancy dress or birthday parties, especially animal themed ones. Easy to Wear, Unique Halloween Costume for Ninja Themed Parties and Everyday Play. Best of all, you’ll get so much use out of this adorable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle hoodie, unlike other Halloween costumes, which are worn once and put away forever. A turtle onesie will bring a smile to anybody’s face as a present because they are instantly adorable and you’ll know that they’ll get good use out of them. Use throwing spears. Hold the Bo-Shuriken in your hand with the point facing the same direction as your fingers.

Don’t worry, those throwing stars are just screen printed on. Otherwise, this red-trimmed outfit includes the jumpsuit, belt with the foam throwing stars attached, and the hood and face mask combination. This includes a few things other options don’t, combining the hooded tunic with gloves, arm and leg ties, and the mask. The outfit includes the jumpsuit, waist sash, arm warmer gloves, and mask. Yes, you can make a ninja mask out of a thick blanket. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, better known as TMNT 2014, is the fifth film in the American Superhero Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film series. Get some gnarly pizza in this great costume featuring your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Raphael! DIY Halloween costumes, including these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes I made for my niece and nephew!

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