A female decorating a gift 5 - free stock photo These sandals were lightweight, yet strong with a base and ties. Dyed sweat pants are the base of the costume (perfect for keeping them warm) and a roasting pan for the turtle shell. After learning this shocking news, I knew I would have to get a little crafty and make a homemade costume for my son. What a lucky boy to have such dedicated and creative parents to put this Lego Ninja costume together for their son! Skilled, dedicated, stealthy, and a force to be reckoned with, that pretty much sums up this boy’s ninja Halloween costume perfectly. With a little research and all of his Spinjitzu expertise, my son and I were able to create an outfit that he could wear on Halloween night and for dress-up play after.

These kids ninja costumes are great for a range of events, especially movie themed parties and Halloween parties. Parents groups thought his chain smoking and downing brewskies was a bit much for kids. A visit to any textile outlet provides much of the rest. Aside from the extra missiles, it’s not that much harder than fighting one of them. Black Belt: The belt we used was taken from one of my wrap-around black sweaters. The traditional view of the ninja warrior clothing is of course that of a stealthy figure dressed all in black. They are both completely obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (did you catch my 5 year old’s TMNT birthday party last month?) so it was a no brainer what they dress up as.

Dress your pup up as a Star Wars character, a minion, a dinosaur or a hilarious hot dog, we’ve got the cutest dog costumes around. I found an old police helmet in our dress-up bin, plugged in my hot glue gun, and got to work. I cut up one of my old royal blue t-shirts and tried several different ways to wrap the fabric around my son’s head, but it just didn’t look like one of the Ninjago characters. 1. For the royal blue fabric, we cut the sleeve off of an old t-shirt and used it for the face covering. Two strips for the width of the sleeve and two for the width of the pants. The short pants section is excellently knit to ensure a comfortable fit for a really long party. Thankfully, this is one of the few treasures I’ve managed to keep from my short stint as a comic reader during my childhood.

This coloring session will keep your child busy for hours. 8. Once the glue is completely dry, have your child try on the helmet and mark where the mouth covering should be glued on the helmet. Use hot glue to make the same creases in the fabric that will cover the nose and mouth. 6. To create the face covering, I again used small, thin lines of hot glue and pinched the fabric to make the same creased appearance of the helmet. Continue the creased layers all the way around the helmet. 4. To make the creased appearance, apply the hot glue in small, thin lines and pinch the fabric together all the way around the helmet until you reach the top. For the top of this costume, I knew I had to find a royal blue, long-sleeved shirt that would be easy to paint on. Cut a “V” shape from felt and secure it to the top of the shirt with fabric glue or stitching.


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