The cut hatch soon gives way, and the truck drops back to Earth with a new sunroof. Krang launched the Arc Capacitor to Earth in hopes that one day, he could use it to bring his ship, the Technodrome, into Earth’s dimension and conquer it (apparently it needs to be on the other side to work). After some slaps and insults, Krang explains to Shredder that he brought him to his dimension because Stockman’s teleportation device is actually his, part of a greater device called the Arc Capacitor. Leo urgently explains to Splinter that the Foot are about to free Shredder, and Splinter laments that his reign of terror on New York will start again.

The Turtles watch this unfold and Leo activates the Battle Shell’s… sword launcher. Donnie tells Leo to hit one of the buttons, which fires off a round of flying manhole covers to take out the climbers. Casey bangs on the glass and tells them to keep it down, before informing Shredder that he’s going to spending the rest of his life locked up with those two knuckleheads. He’s currently being hauled off toward the truck that’s going to take him to his new home. Okay, that’s actually a bit more practical than the robot arms. In the back, Mikey readies the truck’s… giant nunchuck arms (we’ve now passed Gotham crime fighting and have now entered Transformers crime fighting) to deal with the Foot cronies on their flank.

A pair of Foot goons then jump on the sides of the truck and climb to the top, and Casey calls for the nearby shotgun. Stockman tells the remaining goons to get Shredder’s truck the extraction point, and a helicopter flies onto the scene. ” He tells him he needs to get a hobby, like hockey. They soon get ahead of the convoy and set off their charges, sending the escort vehicles up in flames. Barrels – A few hits or a flying body will set off the volatile substances within the barrels, causing an explosion that will damage and knock down anything in the blast radius.

A katana goes flying past the wench, cutting the wire and sending Shredder falling back down in one clean cut. Beebop and Rocksteady distract him long enough for Shredder to get away, and all Casey can do is watch from the floor once Rocksteady knocks him down. Takeda Takahashi can be officially defined as ninja as well, teenage mutant ninja turtles costume womens since being under tutelage with Scorpion and a member of the Shirai Ryu clan. Your tot will be a turtle in this Infant Ninja Turtle Jumper! And got right to work thinking about how to make a homemade ninja turtle costume. When you are in the market for some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes where do you get them?

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