Thing is, in order for that to work she’ll need to get within 3 feet of his tablet, sexy halloween costumes for women which means she’ll need to talk to him. The only problem is, the movie-used version is currently rotting away in the worst of fashions. Amell does his best with what he’s been given, but his version of Casey is just a generic action hero guy with next to none of the traditional qualities that defines the character. The game pauses as the lights dim and an announcer narrates about how the Shredder-Tron attacked a year prior, only to be stopped by a hero known as “The Falcon,” aka Vernon Fenwick.

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He’s played by Stephen Amell, aka the Green Arrow in the CW DC Universe, and I have to say… sorry Stephen, you’re awesome… but you are not Casey Jones. I just keep thinking he’s Oliver Queen taking a trip to New York or something. When he complains about how he now has pizza on his Nike, the referee says that crazy stuff like that happens in New York. The movie begins with about a whole minute’s worth of logos before we finally see the Turtles perched on a very tall building in the middle of New York at night. The Turtles’ faces in this movie are softened somewhat from last time, looking a bit less textured and more cartoon-like.

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So, it seemed like Bay and Paramount had learned their lessons and were ticking off all the right boxes for this movie. That hatred makes perfect sense, right? ” thing. Leo reassures everyone that they have the best seats in the house right where they are, but Raph argues that since they saved the city, they shouldn’t have to hide anymore. But as she’s looking through them, they start deleting themselves in some sort of self-destruct program, put in place to prevent the very thing April is trying to do. One thing I should note of the Turtles is that Leo is now voiced by his suit actor, Pete Ploszek, instead of Johnny Knoxville.

Cutting straight to the point with this one. FOR THE NINJA KIMONO TOP: place the t-shirt on a flat surface and using sharp scissors cut straight up the front middle of the shirt. His party is cut short once Raph pulls him back down to the sewer, and chews him out for risking exposure like that. Raph points out that if Mikey did go down there, people would panic and run for their lives, what with that whole “giant mutant turtles that look like roided-up versions of the Goombas from the Super Mario Bros. Uncanny Fox here, wrapping my review of all of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies with the last film in the franchise to date, 2016’s sequel Out Of The Shadows.


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