It’d be better than claiming that people have rhino genes in them. Beebop and Rocksteady. Shredder shoots the darts at the two criminals, causing them to mutate into their classic warthog and rhino forms. We see the DNA change within Rocksteady as his head falls out and his skin turns grey. The zukin and the fukumen was the covering for the ninja’s head. A Foot Ninja grabs it and runs off, but Casey takes him out with a well-aimed puck to the head just as the cops roll up. Over at Foot HQ, Karai tells Shredder than the ooze is in police custody.

Girl Blowing Bubbles He thinks that this could help the brothers join human society, but Leo tells him that they “don’t need that kind of change,” and Donnie hesitantly agrees. Then Casey sees Splinter cooking dinner and thinks the Turtles have a giant rat infestation, made worse by the Turtles teasing him. Stockman is over the moon with the idea of opening a portal to another dimension, but Shredder points out that the Turtles are still out there, and that they’ll need strong minions to defeat them. After the introductions are over with, April tells Leo about how Baxter and Shredder created a pair of mutants and spoke of opening a portal to another dimension. Shredder then finds the release switch, which leads to an impressive scene of the container opening and Shredder pulling out the device. They then goof off over Beebop’s belly fat before standing at attention once Shredder arrives. Over at TCRI, Stockman is working tirelessly to find Shredder’s location, but the man himself arrives from behind, not too happy about how far he had to travel, to tell the doctor about their new mission.

Meanwhile, April arrives to find the place deserted, with only flickering computer screens and unanswered radio calls to signify that anybody’s there. Use safety pins to secure the scarf in place. Wrap the insulation around the pipe as intended, you can buy self-sealing pipe insulation to keep the foam in place or use a hot glue gun to shut it. But Raph’s more concerned with how Leo told Donnie to keep it from them and, being Raph, storms off to confront him about it while Mikey rambles about his Christmas album again. At the lair, Donnie runs over to Leo to tell him about what he’s just found out: if the purple ooze can turn people into animals, then it can be re-engineered to do the reverse. To that end, Leo orders him not to tell Raph and Mikey about this, but Mikey overhears it anyway.

Shredder orders her to take a team of ninja to retrieve it while he gets the second piece of the portal device at the museum. Try not to take on too many Foot Ninjas at once, or they may defeat you through attrition. April reaches a dead end as the Foot Ninja catches up with her. … Before Raph throws his sai at Casey, thinking he’s a member of the Foot. Mikey and Raph play soccer (or at least Mikey’s playing soccer, Raph just catches the ball and pops it) as they bust Casey’s chops for his choice in crime-fighting apparel. Naturally, Mikey tells Raph about Donnie’s discovery, saying that seeing Donnie’s hand turn human gave him hope to not have to be stuck down in the sewer for the rest of his life. Ok, back to the question at hand.

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