We suggest forming a calming circle before freaking out about how cute your girl squad will look in these Hocus Pocus costumes. The adult black cat onesie is a unisex costume, so whether your squad is comprised entirely of ladies or if you have a man in the mix, you’ll be ready to run amok. The Pink Ladies and T-Birds jackets make for the perfect combos—and if you don’t want to dress as one of them, you can don a Rydell High Cheerleader costume or go as Frenchy or bad Sandy.superhero couple costumes There’s bound to be one that your family loves and wishes were real. Your family will be the envy of everyone on the block with these Addams Family costumes.

The Addams family makes a great ‘creepy but not too scary’ family costume idea. The perfect group costume for mixing and matching, the characters from Grease allow you to create a great group or family costume. Take a peek at all of our animal costumes to decide which suits you and your group best. Then you can go out with your best friends and rock the town as a pack of superheroes. Go as their famous sexy Halloween costumes or grab a bunch of sexy Santas and mimic their Jingle Bell Rock all night long. And, we all know KISS’s party anthem, which will help you bring excitement to any place you go, all night and every day.

Be sure you know some lines from “Greased Lightnin’” and “You’re the One That I Want” since you’ll be singing all night! Mythical creature costumes are another one of those great family costume ideas. Is your group a family of famous crimefighters? Which is how your family is to you, so it makes perfect sense! Perfect for Halloween Dress Up Parties, Boys Ninja Costume, Ninja Costume Toddler, Ninja Costume Kids, Ninja Themed Parties, Halloween Costume Dress Up, Ninja Role Playing, Activity, Everyday Play and More! I have more to share over the next few days! He was about to hand over a couple of million dollars to hostage takers. This year, for Halloween, my 7 year old son decided that he wanted to be the white ninja from LEGO Ninjago. KISS is one of rock’s most famous quartets—which means if you dress up as this band for Halloween, you and your group of four will be the most famous guests at the party!

Your mood can dictate how the night goes in this group costume: you can be sweet and cuddly, or you can bare your fangs and show off your claws. I always say, on the night it opened, I went, I was bouncing around theaters in LA, and I was in Westwood. BOSS: Mystic Wind Ninja Use the same strategy you did the first time you fought him, scary halloween costumes for boys and take advantage of the extra maneuvering room. 2. Football player: Celebrate Halloween and football season at the same time! You and your friends could go as racecar drivers, baseball players, boxers, basketball stars, football quarterbacks, golfers, or even a referee. One of the more iconic Batman stories is even called The Long Halloween—so get your crew together and cause some havoc!

If you want to make it more of a theme, then you can think of all those that have horns or wings. Then you should grab some friends and these officially licensed WWE costumes to make the ultimate wrestling group. Dress as characters from Super Mario Bros and reenact your favorite party games with your group of four this Halloween! Or better yet, throw your own Mario party for the holiday, complete with a go-kart track in the backyard and selection of mushrooms and shells to use as party favors! After I cut out the pattern pieces for the base of the costumes, I used more knits and referenced images of the Ninja Turtles online to cut out the elbow/knee patches and weapon belts, as well as the shells. These Sailor Moon costumes are perfect for cosplaying at anime conventions as well as dressing up for Halloween outings, so you have more excuses to wear them throughout the year.


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