Sensei Splinter has taught you well now go and fight crime in some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character costumes. Hurl a few at him if you want to speed the fight up. Splinter’s mentor is invincible for the first few seconds of the fight, so dash out of his way when he gets close to you. He likes to take his time re- covering when he gets knocked down, so wait until he finishes standing up if you have any shuriken to use on him. BOSS: Mystic Wind Ninja Use the same strategy you did the first time you fought him, and take advantage of the extra maneuvering room.fat thor halloween costume Start by throwing any shuriken you have at him, then get close to him and dash away when he attacks. Oroku Saki – Use your shuriken at medium range to stun him, then dash up to him and combo him.

When he turns to follow you, throw a shuriken at him or use hit-and-run tactics. The throw does very little (if any) damage, but puts you within range of the fireball launcher. It has a fireball launcher, a Gatling gun, and a laser cannon, and can grab you and throw you. Ninja costumes can turn anyone–men, women, funny couples costumes boys and girls–into the stealthiest Halloween warriors. The best part was definitely putting it on my daughter and seeing her instantly turn into a ninja. Nunchaku Buying Guide: Which Nunchucks are the Best? Now go away. Q: This is the best FAQ I’ve ever read!

If sylvanir wants to answer questions, he’ll write his own Questions & Answers section for the FAQ. Q: Your FAQ sucks! Collect new costumes for the turtles on your journey, each with their own special powers that can make or break the next fight! Aside from the lack of body flames, he’s almost identical to Oroku Saki, so the same basic strategy can be used to defeat him. Aside from the possibility of fighting Hun, this is a rather straightforward area. Aside from the extra missiles, it’s not that much harder than fighting one of them. H. Special Stage – Ordeal This stage consists of a one-on-one battle between you and one of your com- patriots. Hun at the beginning of the area, you’ll fight one more. I. Stage 6 – Justice 1. Entrance Enemies: Foot Tech Ninjas, Foot-Bees If you’re playing as Michelangelo, this area will open with a boss fight.

2. Japanese Garden Enemies: Foot Ninjas, Foot Tech Ninjas, Foot-Bees Food can be found in boxes by the walls around the pond. 3. Foot Science Lab Enemies: Foot Tech Ninjas, Foot-Bees, purple Mutants Watch out for the moving security lasers at the beginning of the area. But I am sure glad that I didn’t start out by sewing every costume because that would have never lasted! By using Michelangelo’s air attack against Nano, sylvanir and my brother have respectively gotten 34-hit and 72-hit combos. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes could not have turned out any cuter! But since we always do a family theme, I had to figure out how to make something for my husband and me, for cheap, and relatively easy!

Leonardo vs. Splinter Difficulty: Hard Method: Going toe-to-toe with your sensei is suicide, so make good use of your environment. I doubled thin sheets of craft foam to make the sides, and shoulder straps. That happens to be our specialty and after extensive discussion and planning, we set about preserving and restoring this amazing foam latex and polyfoam costume. Glue the letter onto the foam and the foam onto your belt strip. Cut an oval shape front and back and a long strip of fabric to use for straps. Now take that shape and use the knife tool to create the “abs”. Use either the above strategy or hit- and-run attacks to defeat him.

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