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It involves some hand stitching and hot glue, so get ready to be crafty! Thing is, in order for that to work she’ll need to get within 3 feet of his tablet, which means she’ll need to talk to him. But as she’s looking through them, they start deleting themselves in some sort of self-destruct program, put in place to prevent the very thing April is trying to do. Place the fabric strip across the mask, right where the eyes would go. He cheerfully informs the Shredder that this is his “Big Goodbye” before slamming the backdoors shut on him and taking his place in the passenger seat.

Visit our website and place your order today! ” He tells him he needs to get a hobby, like hockey. Get it, because he uses hockey sticks later on? Good news though, she did manage to read a couple of e-mails which confirmed that Stockman is indeed working for the Foot. Leo urgently explains to Splinter that the Foot are about to free Shredder, and Splinter laments that his reign of terror on New York will start again. He takes a look at the surveillance footage the Foot are hacking into, keeping tabs on his boss’s whereabouts as the convoy moves along its determined path.

The convoy then rolls out, unaware of the insanity that’s about to befall them. Even worse, Shredder is being transported to a prison upstate that night, and the Clan is planning to bust him out by hitting the convoy. Speaking of bad news, we then cut to Shredder himself, now played by someone else entirely (Brian Tee from The Fast And The Furious: Toko Drift to be exact) and looking much younger than he did before. Meanwhile, a suspicious-looking car pulls into a warehouse, and Baxter jumps out to inform Karai (who is also recast, as Brittany Ishibashi this time) that Shredder is on the move.

Then we cut a rectangle out for her to look through and used some netting so it was super breathable. You can cut the shape out on newspaper first and then transfer it over to the cloth. Hence, he urges his sons to not waste time talking to a grumpy old rat and go out there and stop him. Daunted, April pretends that she’s being called by her “boyfriend,” which doesn’t stop Stockman from hitting on her, and excuses herself. He’s currently being hauled off toward the truck that’s going to take him to his new home. There’s a lot of concern about the recent COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak with lots of calls for quarantining and social distance and we wanted to ease your fears and let you know our plans going forward.

I’ll admit I know next to nothing about the prison system, but it just seems odd. This technology, later refined into the Henson Performance Control System, paved the way for such later productions as Dinosaurs, which used many of the same puppeteers and creatives. Donnie then gets another call from April, who tells him that she’s successfully copied the files from Stockman. Stockman is played here by Tyler Perry, known for his role as Matilda films, as well as directing several drama films with himself in the leading role or at least a major one. When the one you’re fighting starts spinning its arms, switch targets until it stops. Perfect for the lady who loves the TMNT and has wanted to dress up like them for awhile, well, now you can be one of those superhero turtles.


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