3. Apply green paint to the number 5 and ring around the the collar. Sketch out the six bones and draw a ring around the collar to finish this design. Figure out the eye placement. 3. Fill in the rest of the eye circles with red paint. The easiest way to do this would be to measure the distance between the person’s eyes, and then draw the eye holes on the mask. If you’re having trouble finding the right mask, a cotton or polyester stretch headband with holes cut out for eyes will often work just as well. The first two TMNT movies featured costumes made by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, while the third had work by All Effects Company. While the costume appears desiccated, it’s still mostly intact.

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That’s my experience, and I’m sure it’s the same for many of you out there too. This had to be done for my son to be able to get in and out of the costume.The shoulder straps were done the same way. I should have left the sweats in the dye a bit longer as the color wasn’t as green as I’d hoped for, but they still came out great! Draw a mask shape on a piece of green craft foam. The second side piece was glued to the inside of the shell but I did not glue it to the chest piece.

During the first movie, facial motors and a computer were hidden behind the shell on his back. Some TMNT costumes will only contain the shell piece of the outfit; others will be a full head to toe costume. Maybe it is the fact that you get to dress up and see everyone in their costumes. Get the whole team together! But this year, I can’t get enough of their homemade Ninja Turtle costume. The strip needs to be long enough so that you can wrap it around the person’s head, tie it in a knot, and have a couple of inches left over. Be sure to tie the mask behind your head, as the fabric will scrunch up a little. For an added touch, cut the ends of the fabric strip at angles.

5. To create the belt, wonder woman costume use a pair of scissors to cut a stretchy purple t-shirt into a long piece of fabric that will be used to tie around your child’s waist. The Stealth Ninja costume includes shirt pants with leg ties belt pair of finger-less gloves pair of arm ties and mask. If desired, add a pair of black gloves and black shoes to complete the overall look of this costume. If you don’t already have a ninja outfit to work with, you could also create this costume with a black hooded shirt, pants, and cape. Q: How did they work?


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