Some minor adjustments had to be made when shrinking the figures down, like finessing the textures of the Turtles’ skins, but the heavy lifting was already done. Donnie reassures him that they’ll take care of Shredder once the sun goes down, and in the meantime they’re training. Casey doesn’t take this well, and decides to head off on his own to find Beebop and Rocksteady with April trying to convince him to stay. Not one to take “no” for an answer, Casey proceeds to smash said jukebox before throwing shot glasses at the various bottles and equipment around him.creepy clown girl costume Back at the bar, Casey grills Mayhem Guy about whether or not he’s seen Beebop and Rocksteady, which of course he denies as “Ice Ice Baby” plays on the jukebox (a reference to Secret Of The Ooze).

Inside the lab cell, the newly mutated Beebop and Rocksteady check each other out, testing out their new strength as Shredder tells Stockman to prepare the entire container of ooze. As in mutants. He hands Baxter the ooze Krang gave him, telling him that it will need to be synthesized in order to work. Stockman shows Shredder the teleporter as the latter explains their alliance with Krang. Leonardo: Krang didn’t stand a chance. We see the DNA change within Rocksteady as his head falls out and his skin turns grey. Back down in the sewer, Casey takes in the sight of the Turtles’ digs as Donnie explains that he can use the ooze to track Beebob and Rocksteady.

As you can see above, the costume design was absurdly excessive. The 4-piece ape suit bears the label of legendary Hollywood wardrobe design house Western Costume. This adorable DIY costume is easy to throw together last minute and chances are you already have everything you need. So if you have anything that you would like to share with us, be sure to send it our way on Twitter @LittleBigPlanet or post a link to it in the comments below! Frankly, Jim didn’t like to travel a great deal. Michael Bay basically told him that it was too bad that he didn’t like them. No beak along the nose area like some speculated. And sure enough, there they are, dressed in the most conspicuous way possible and bragging about how they hijacked the truck.

In fact, she even did it all at the Dollar Store so for all you Stranger Things fans out there, these costumes are possible without spending a ton of cash! You will even find fabulous Shredder costumes here. Meanwhile, April arrives to find the place deserted, baby shark costume with only flickering computer screens and unanswered radio calls to signify that anybody’s there. Over at TCRI, Stockman is working tirelessly to find Shredder’s location, but the man himself arrives from behind, not too happy about how far he had to travel, to tell the doctor about their new mission. Meanwhile, the Turtles are hanging out in the lair, listening to rap music, playing with a drone and working out. For this project, I will be showing you how to make a Ninja Turtles costume…more specifically, a Leonardo costume. “I was lucky enough to find the Ghostbusters costume and had my daughter wear a black backpack she already had, holding a portable air pump that resembled a ghost.


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