That was a fail so I had to make do with what I had. To make sense of Japanese clothing sizes, download a free sample of my eBook, How to Sew Japanese Sewing Patterns. You can check out how to make this easy DIY costume on Youtube! Pretty sure the Ninja Turtles will never go out of style. Who would have thought years ago that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would someday be a popular and Sexy women’s Halloween costume idea? Take your love for plants to a whole new level with this houseplant costume idea. Several of NECA’s staffers even went to take a look at the memorabilia for documentation purposes.

Check out this highly-rated one on Amazon that you’ll love using even after Halloween is over! This is one of the most endearing traits about the turtles – that they’re all so real. However, he is very loyal to the other turtles as well as to their sensei. And you can also dress your family up as turtles too. An old lady DIY costume would be the perfect way to dress up your little one this year. Plants are never out of style and all you’ll need to complete this look is an old Amazon box, some paint, and a laundry basket! Hip Tip: Check out these old kids’ toys that are worth a ton of money now! Hip Tip: Need a clear umbrella? Hip Tip: Love thrift store shopping?

In fact, she even did it all at the Dollar Store so for all you Stranger Things fans out there, these costumes are possible without spending a ton of cash! Even though Season 4 has yet to finish production since COVID rudely interrupted, word on the street is the cast will be back in action soon! You will be able to terrorize your neighborhood Spider-Man when you walk down the street in this mask. Just grab some pajamas, slippers, stuffed cats, and you’ll be ready to hit the neighborhood for treats! This DIY rocketman costume is a great way to repurpose recycled goods plus they’ll get to take off all night while collecting their favorite treats. This clever cotton candy DIY looks so good, I’m ready to take a bite out of this little cutie!

If your kids love passing these funny wiggly tube men on the side of the road, then take inspiration with an adorable and super unique costume – easy enough the whole family could even sport the same thing! Reference from the film and older magazines only revealed so much, women’s dragon ninja costume and even seeing the pieces no longer in their former glory could help fill in the blanks for smaller details. A little green dress and Mary Jane shoes will help. So will being a little girl. Despite being a huge Leo fan, I have to say I’d probably go with the Undercover Raph costume. We’ve put together a list of some creative & easy DIY Halloween costume ideas!


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