They are also perfect if are searching for a boys ninja costume or a girl ninja costume, that’s the beauty of ninja outfits, they’re totally unisex! There’s Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael one-piece outfits, that are easy to jump around, available in S/M and M/L. Includes all four eye-masks so you can choose to be Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Raphael or Donatello. Put on the plastic Raphael mask with cutout eyeholes and your half shell — he’s ready to train with Master Splinter. Splinter names Shredder as Oroku Saki; Saki removes his mask and touches his scar, remembering how Splinter gave it to him.

Step 3: Put the finishing touches on your ninja costume by pair it with plain black sneakers or boots. Step 2: Use the black scarf to wrap you head and face leaving only your eyes revealed. Tie the red sash around your waist leaving the ends hanging to the side. Slip in and out of Halloween festivities this year leaving a trail of mystery in your path. Slip into stealth mode at your next fancy dress function in one of our super sneaky ninja costumes. The popular jumpsuit includes a mask, turtle shell and knee and elbow protectors, so your little one can get into full character. If you’re looking for a standout costume that can easily double up for parties and events, it’s all about the Ninjago.

Things are looking bad when Bebop and Rocksteady are acting as the voice of reason. I like the idea of being able to use the shirt for other things later. Fight it out like a ninja warrior, ninja assassin costume guide the way as a sensei master or look the part in our black samurai robe. Step 1: The clothing is the easiest part about being a ninja. You’ll need a kickass outfit to deliver a powerful punch and look the part. While you may need to spend a little time getting artsy it’s definitely worth all the hard work for a fun, super hero worthy result like this. The four are aided by television news reporter, April O’Neil (Judith Hoag), and a tough-talking vigilante, Casey Jones (Elias Koteas), who likes to take on hoods while wielding hockey sticks, bats, golf clubs and the like. He’s played by Stephen Amell, aka the Green Arrow in the CW DC Universe, and I have to say… sorry Stephen, you’re awesome… but you are not Casey Jones.

Casey Jones: Successfully complete Arcade without using a continue or Survival mode with Casey Jones. Enemy Base: Successfully complete 25 Versus mode matches or 10 missions in Mission mode. Fugitoid: Successfully complete Missions 1 through 50. Karai: Successfully complete Arcade mode. This FAQ focuses mostly on Story Mode and Challenge Mode, since these are the modes in which the game’s secrets can be unlocked. The website is called DR-Cos, and it’s a Cosplay website where you can find costume sewing patterns to dress up as a ninja, nurse, maid, cheerleader, vampire, the list goes on and on! But we aren’t lyin’ when we say it’s a crowd pleaser.

Michelangelo: Yeah, you could say this little adventure gave our Turtle Power one shell of an upgrade! Don’t over do it with the weapons, pick one. Have a great time with this costume and don’t forget to visit The Southern Institute for more fun sewing and crafts tutorials, and recipes too! Don’t be green with envy when you can join the crew! What can be a substitute for black boots? Get a pair of black sweat pants that are not too loose. In just a few simple steps you can get into character and fool your friends and family with this fabulous ninja costume.

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